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Aqualisa Quartz
Aqualisa Quartz
In order to generate sales momentum for the Aqualisa Quartz brand, Rawlinson has a lot of information to take into account before making his decision about the direction of the brand. Is the Quartz shower system a niche product and if so how should the company go about marketing the product? Will the product end up going mainstream, then cannibalizing the Aquavalve mixer shower brand, the company’s bread and butter? Will the product devalue the brand as a whole because of issues with plumbers not wanting to adopt innovation?
As of May 1998, Aqualisa already had a 25% net return on sales and was currently obtaining a 5% to 10% growth in a mature market. The fact that there has not been innovation in the shower market in awhile and the last innovation was a push button shower that used electronics. The plumbers did not like innovation especially innovation using electricity. Rawlinsons main issue at hand is dealing with the plumbers and getting them to see the light and see the ease at which the Aqualisa Quartz shower system can be installed.
The sales force needs to continue the standing direct relationships with “our plumbers”, the fact that 73% of all mixer shower selections has plumber involvement. And the fact that independent plumbers install 54% of all mixer showers, these channels need to be exploited.
The sales force needs to go to the plumbers unions, trades shows, and home shows and show the plumbers how to install the product. Show them the ease at which the product can be installed in a half of a day instead of the current 2 days minimum. This might cut down on time spent installing bath and shower products. They should give them hands on experience at these shows, this way they will want to recommend the product. ...
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Classic Airlines

This paper will cover an in-depth look and analysis of Classic Airlines, a twenty five-year-old passenger airline. Classic Airlines commands a fleet of more 375 jets that serve 240 cities with more than 2300 daily flights making it the fifth largest airline in the world (University of Phoenix, 2007). Classic has grown to an organization of 32,000 employees, and last year, it earned $10 million on $8.7 billion in sales (University of Phoenix, 2007).
The paper will give the reader background information concerning the current situation the company faces, determine the key issues in the situation, opportunities the company has to address, who this will affect, and the desired end-state goals of the company.
Situation Background : "Increased uncertainty about flying has affected industry stock prices across the board, and Classic has seen a 10% decrease in share prices in the past year. With a concerned investment community on the watch, the airline industry operates under a microscope, subject to scrutiny from all sectors. Not surprisingly, the negativity from Wall Street to the media to the public has affected employee morale, which is the lowest its ever been. Consumer confidence also appears to be waning. By January 2005, Classic's declining Classic Rewards program measured a 19 percent decrease in the number of Classic Rewards members, and 21 percent decrease in flights per remaining member. Clearly, loyal customers were jumping ship and the ones still aboard seemed to be flying less frequently -- or at least less frequently with Classic Airlines....

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